I'm heading to Cambodia!

It still hasn't sunk in yet, but I am headed to Cambodia November 15th! Several weeks ago my friend Chad Phillips, missionary in Cambodia, asked me if it would be possible to come over and help him with a video project. It has been a crazy October, but I've got my Passport, plane tickets, and I'm ready to go!

I decided to do a fundraiser to help raise some money for the travelling expenses and project needs. I wanted to put together something that people would really enjoy, and also would help promote Chad's ministry in Cambodia. (Chad has a new website that is in the works and will be live very soon - www.living-fields.com ) Finally I have the packages completed and ready to go.

Each of the items in this package will help you remember the Phillips family and their ministry. Packages include a Pray for Cambodia T-shirt, a vinyl Cambodia decal, a website wristband, and a tag with the Phillips family pic and info on it. All these have been put together nicely by my loving family members. I truly hope that these simple items will remind us to keep The Phillips, their ministry, and the country of Cambodia on our mind.


Victor Huff


Victor Huff - Graphic Design - Loganville, Georgia


Cambodia Packages are $20

If you would like a package please see me or my Mom, Ginger Huff, and we will get you one. If you want to send me an email notice, you can send it to vichuff@gmail.com and I will bring you a package.

You can also place an order or donation by using the PayPal button below and using my email address vichuff@gmail.com. For online orders, please be sure to let me know what size T-shirt you want and your mailing address. If you need yours shipped please add $5 for Priority Mail shipping and I will get it to you ASAP.

Right now I have about 50 Packages ready in sizes S, M, L, and XL. If you need a larger size, a youth size, or multiple packages please let me know and I will work on this for you.

Thanks for every donation! I hope you enjoy these packages as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Please bookmark my website & subscribe to my blog as I will be posting the exciting details of my adventure to Cambodia.

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